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Image by Michael Breucker


SUNDAY 14.04 | 3.30PM - 5.30 PM | THE LOVING ROOM



Anal play is a profound practice.  When approached consciously it can inspire all sorts of experiences - intimate, carnal, spiritual, vulnerable... Learning how to warm up the body, communicate and explore anal is a mix of technique, tools and intuition.

Charlotte is seriously experienced in anal play: both giving and receiving, from beginners to seriously advanced devotees, from butt plugs to strap-ons to digital penetration to fisting.  Charlotte will describe the difference between these types of anal play.  All these practices demand the same level of preparation and awareness of how the receptive body is responding.  This is what will be practically explored in this workshop.

Charlotte will demonstrate:

How to set up for anal play, different lubes and body positions

How to warm up a bottom

How to read if a bottom is ready for penetration and ongoing communication strategies

Breathing techniques to aid penetration and increase pleasure

How to close an experience

Please come with a partner and know who is topping/giving and who is bottoming/receiving.

Please bring a sarong and a towel that will likely get lube and body fluids on it.


Charlie is a somatic sexologist but considers herself an ‘eroticurean’. This better reflects the breadth of her practice:  empowering individuals with embodied practices and coaching that can support a ‘cure’ for erotic challenges and/or interests; ‘curating’ experiences of the highest quality across educational and exploratory spheres, and; a connoisseur of all things erotic. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, embodied counsellor, BDSM/kink specialist, sensory live artist and healthy hedonist.

Charlotte has been creating immersive, interactive, sensory experiences for live audiences for 30 years. Her visionary work gained repute and won several awards, however, her passion for the senses needed to go deeper.  She began applying these skills to the sexuality field 10 years ago. She has been profoundly inspired by kink and somatics and collaborates with people of all ages, backgrounds, genders, sexualities and interests to cocreate new erotic possibilities. She loves the natural world and dislikes small talk.


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