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Image by Michael Breucker


Power Exchange in Rope

SATURDAY 13.04 | 10.30AM - 12.30 PM | THE ROPE ROOM



We know that there can be an implicit power exchange between the rigger and the rope bottom; allowing someone to bind you especially when your limbs are restricted is an act of trust.

But how can you REALLY hold dominance in the rope, and drop your partner deeply while you’re tying?

Sai Jaiden Lillith is a ProDom/me specialising in Shibari, and over nearly a decade of tying personally and professionally can distill core techniques, mindsets and training to help you feel in control of the ropes, the play, your sub, and most importantly, yourself.

These techniques can (and should!) be used by riggers of ALL skill levels! Regardless of the level of your technical patterning skills, the lessons in this workshop can be applicable to take your tying to the place you want it to be in, if you feel you’ve been missing a piece of the puzzle.


Equipment: 2 pieces of rope, though 1 will still be ok. There will be very limited class ropes available

Partner: Partner would be highly beneficial, though not required to get something out of this workshop.


Skill Levels: Beginner to Advanced


Sai Jaiden Lillith is a Melbourne based gender fluid prodom/me, escort, activist, educator, creator of visual erotica, artist and Shibari addict. Known for their gorgeous and creative rope work and performances, love of exploring taboo and transgression and intensity married to playfulness, Sai has taught workshops at OzKinkFestSexpo / LoveX, sex worker groups and trained numerous private students.


Fiercely advocating for ethical practices, authentic connections, facing up to and harnessing the spectrum of light and shadows within oneself unflinchingly and living a life consciously framed by artistry in play, love, sex and journeys; Sai’s philosophy is one that they strive to live by truly in every moment.

Sai performs rituals in ropes with Eve X in Infernal Desire Machine, teaches as a co-founding member of Sacred Primal Arts, is the vocalist in the industrial / Gothic band ZCluster where they sing and self suspend, runs the production company The Soft Machine that puts on music / BDSM / erotic circus events such as Sex Ropes and Rock and Roll, is the 2IC and Melbourne head of Domina Parties, collaborates in organisation for the Australian School of Sexuality and wrangles a toddler with Eve X


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