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Image by Michael Breucker


SUNDAY 24.09.23 | 10AM - 12PM



Do you feel comfortable with ‘The Wheel of Consent’ & want to explore your boundaries a step further?


This workshop is for you if you want to practise boundaries & consent in an exploratory setting & become more aware of how your boundaries feel in your body. Do you freeze or please when you actually want to say no? Do you avoid asking what you desire in fear of rejection?


Let’s see if we can start the process of rewiring your nervous system, making it feel safer to express yourself in the moment.


My name is Ami, I'm a sex & relationship coach & tantric bodyworker.

I started my sex positive journey in the tantric scene & become a tantric bodyworker in 2018.

Helping people feel & connect with themselves deeper, finding their boundaries

& explore their pleasure potential is my favourite part of work in this field.


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