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Cultivate a better relationship with your body, your sexuality & others.

You'll meet other curious explorers & experienced guides, learn new skills,

& have a weird & wild adventure that just might crack open your heart & soul.

knowledge & desire


Do I need to be a horny fucker?



EVERYONE has a unique relationship to sexuality, & all are welcome.

Perhaps you're asexual? That's cool, this will still be interesting!

You don't have to touch or be touched at any point during the weekend.

You are welcome to sit out of activities & witness - this too can be a powerful way to learn!




Most of us only learnt the bare basics about sex & some of that was wrong!

It can be hard to know how to find good education,

& then there's the shame & stigma of even wanting it (the knowledge & the pleasure).

This is a safe container for us all to learn together.

We welcome newbies - you'll get the opportunity to sample some really different ways of engaging with sexuality.

And for the seasoned pros. we're sure you'll find something new, intriguing & hopefully inspiring!




On Gender & Queerness

So we have an incredible lineup of educators for this ASSFest,

and it’s worth noting a few things about diversity and representation.

First up, so many women!

We sought out a few more male educators, but a lot of the people we found were doing Men’s Work.

We at ASS believe that focused gender work is incredibly important,

but it’s not the choice we made for this years lineup.

As such, there’s also some amazing female educators we didn’t approach for this round.

We’re pretty damn pleased to have a strong representation of queer and trans folk!

As above, their workshops won’t specifically be on queering sex.

Stay tuned for an ASSFest ON gender? Maybe!

I’m coming solo. Will I meet people, and will there be an opportunity to engage in activities with others?


We provide no guarantees about the gender balance / sexual orientation of the participants.

We anticipate a fair few solo attendees, and many opportunities to engage in activities with new friends.

We will honour your boundaries around engagement, and welcome you to witness if that’s feeling more comfortable. We’ll be providing consent workshops as well as smaller dropins on consent

throughout both days to share respectful communication praxis with y’all!

We’ll also have a support team ready to help if you need someone to chat to.

Please note this is NOT a pickup space - if this is your intention for the weekend, you may leave disappointed.


Our primary emphasis is education,

and a commitment to self development and exploration will open a deeper journey for you.

We’re coming as a couple / pre-existing relationship dynamic.

Will we be expected to engage in activities with others?

Absolutely not. You set your own comfort level within your relationship.

We at ASS never require participation - witnessing can also be a beautiful expansion.


I’m a cis male. What if people find me creepy?

We would love our space to feel safe and comfortable to everyone. There is the potential in this space to be triggered by each other - we ask that everyone approach interactions with respect, compassion and curiosity. Men can feel particularly uncomfortable in these spaces of sexual exploration for fear of being seen as predatory; whilst women are more likely to fear predation. Queer and trans folk can often feel unwelcome in heteronormative spaces. We hope that in ASS we can share our common humanity and our sexy selves!

On Spiciness

A couple of you have reached out to share about your neurodivergence / MH / social anxiety.

Please rest assured we share these traits, some of our team have appropriate support training,

and plenty of space will be made for accommodations.  

Experience Levels

We have no expectation of prior knowledge!

We’ll be providing some basic consent education and a whole lot of exploratory practises.


A couple of our rope workshops are more advanced - but there’ll likely be another educator

in the corner answering questions and sharing some basic techniques!

For those with more experience, we’re still bringing you the goodness

- an opportunity to learn with interstate facilitators, and a diverse representation of perspectives on sexuality -

from the sacred to the profane (is there any difference? Join us for philosophy hour!)

Will it have anything to do with my arse?


Only if you want it to!

ASS is an acronym for The Australian School of Sexuality,

butt buttocks will not be the focus of this event.

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