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Enter the TEMPLE OF ASS... a heady, evocative & magical space of erotic exploration...

A Temple Night occupies liminal space, tapping into ancient histories of public exploration of erotic connection. Drawing from stories of erotic ritual within ancient Goddess temples, Temple Nights are framed with reverence, intention & curiosity.

This Temple Night is held in honour of Persephone and Demeter: a celebration of harvest, as we begin the fall into the darker months.

If you’re inclined to dress for the Goddess(es), we’re sure she’ll enjoy perving on you.

Our experienced Temple Guides will open the portal to the Mystery in circle, before moving into some juicy consent and connection games.

Roving performances will arouse and inspire, thrilling the erotic gaze, adding to the heady and hedonistic texture of the evening.

What does all this mean? What actually happens?

Think of this as a play party with a commitment to ambience. Come with curiosity - if you’re just looking for a good time, we’re sure you’ll find it! But so much more is possible… Our Temple Guides are magic makers, weaving sexuality and soul.

The first hour will consist of guided activities, reinforcing good consent and hygiene practises and offering fun opportunities for connection. From here we’ll move into free play - for those who are nervous or just want to soak up the ambience our performances will be mesmerising. We’ll have a Cuddle Corner for yummy fleshpiles, as well as dedicated support people around if you need a chat.


Our DM’s will be monitoring the space and will be identified at the start of the evening - please let us know if anything’s feeling wiggly for you! As with all our events, your engagement level is your choice - we have no expectations of you beyond mutual respect :)

Our limits are the same as most public sexuality spaces in Victoria due to licensing.

As such no PiV sex will be permitted; rather consider this as an opportunity

to play with some of the alternative sexuality practises explored within the workshops.

We’ll come back together at the end of the evening to share any thoughts or feelings about the experience

before we leave the Temple… for now.

Please Note: The Temple Night is only available to attendees of Saturday’s workshops - this can be a weekend or day pass.


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