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9 major power role dynamics in sexual relationships & what you seek out, desire & respond to




Anne O Nomis presents the major power role activations,

and how these relate to archetypes and terms used within the BDSM world for Tops and bottoms roles.

For the Tops, on the pro-social side - Tueri (to protect), Alligare (to bind), Venari (to pursue), Dicere (to speak); centre Dominari (to rule), Splendere (to shine); and on the adversarial side - Sumere (to take up), Progredi (to progress), Pugnare (to fight - which may be relevant in erotic wrestling context for example) and Pellere (to beat on).

and to bottoms responses: on the pro-social side - Adorare (to worship), Placere (to please), Sequi (to follow), Offere (to offer), Dedere (to surrender); in centre - Durare (to endure); and on the adversarial self-interest side - Citare (to incite / excite), Detorquere (to twist away), Mutare (to shapeshift / transform), Uti (to use), and Acquiescere (to rest).

It does not require experience in BDSM,

as the roles and responses are archetypal in nature and present in sexuality in its broadest expression.



You will be provided with opportunity to undertake a short questionnaire survey to identify your own preferences and gain self-knowledge and insight into your own responses you desire or prefer in a partner, and your own responses to power. (This knowledge may be kept totally private to you, or shared optionally as you feel comfortable to do.)

Anne will run through a quick overview of the Ki diagram of symbol glyphs, explaining how these work in relation to power and sexuality, born out of her research questionnaires during Covid-19 undertaken in parallel with communications with a Canadian psychologist.

She will then facilitate embodiment of different archetypal tops roles, and complimentary bottoms roles - to the preferences of those participating. This will be achieved through a process of open desire communication, negotiation around interests, limits established, safety mitigation planning, establishment of safewords and checking-in during play, and aftercare organization. (With adherence to SSC Protocol - Safe, Sane & Consensual protocol)



What the practicum will "look like" is particular people preferring Tops positions to align and outline their own affinities to the archetypal roles outlined, and those people preferring bottoming role and expression; and finding then complimentary roles in relation to the power roles taken by Tops.

Mini scenes known as animated "tableaux" will be developed out of the power dynamics, which is the French style technique utilized by Anne.

Each moving tableaux scene will be limited in scope with time constraints on the workshop, hence a "mini scene", designed to give a taster of an elemental power dynamic energetic.

For those not wanting to be in active participation, there is also the option of Vereri (to watch).

It is imagined that the exercise may well bring out a diversity of interests and expressions, from soft and gentle and nurturing givers and seekers; to more aggressive, harder and primal and prey dynamics- in response to people's own individual preferences.



It is hoped that the workshop will provide enrollees / attendees with greater insight into their own erotic expression and what they seek out, desire and respond to.


Anne O Nomis is an archaeologist, historian and teacher of Dominance studies and Ki power dynamics.

She authored the acclaimed book 'The History & Arts of the Dominatrix', undertaking all the original research in museums, libraries and underground sources, brought together along with the Seven Realm Arts theory of what Dominatrices "do" as their craft specialization. She holds a Masters degree in Comparative Art and Archaeology from UCL (University College London).

She is the only Australian member of the Leather Hall of Fame Committee, alongside scene legends including Bob Miller, Gayle Rubin, Guy Baldwin, Vi Johnson and others. She has taught at DomCon NOLA (New Orleans), Oz Kink Fest, CARAS C2C Los Angeles, given private talks at the Freud Museum London, featured as Dominance expert for Sky TV's Sex: A Bonkers History, and keynote speaker at the Postgraduate UK Society of Aesthetics Conference at Kent University, and has been teaching her Seven Realm Arts certificate course for 9 years.

She teaches according to "Lady of the Largest Heart", open to all genders and sexualities.

Her new work is on Ki power dynamics and how people's responses to power affect their sexual expression, preferences and relationships with others. She undertook primary research questionnaire surveys during Covid-19, revealing distinctions in people's sexual proclivities mapped onto different responses to power.


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