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Ease & Integrity With Giving & Receiving

SATURDAY 13.04 | 10.30AM - 12.30 PM | THE LOVING ROOM



When you bring your desires forward, and respect the limits of your giver, you can be more fully in the deliciousness of receiving.

When you set aside what you want so you can give to someone else,

and you keep within your own limits, you can give with more ease and generosity.

This workshop introduces some practices of the Wheel of Consent® to experiment with how it feels in your body to;

  • ask for what you want, and know when it’s for you

  • give with willingness and generosity, and know when it’s for them

  • set a limit for yourself, and respect another person’s limit

  • say or hear a no, say or hear a yes; and

  • make clear and fabulous agreements.

You are welcome whether new to the Wheel, or have familiarity.

Some practices involve the option of touch; but touch is not required - you choose at every step.

Open to all bodies!

To experience the full spectrum of our sexuality, we have to be able to take action for our own pleasure, and take action for the other person's pleasure - and we have to know the difference. ~ Betty Martin

stella topaz
abundant body

I am a certified sexological bodyworker, a Wheel of Consent® facilitator, and erotic educator. I’ve been a registered nurse since the 80’s, with 40 years’ experience across the health system, in community-based sexual health, HIV, and LGBTIQA+ health.

I’m a queer, white-bodied older femme, loving on cultures of care, intergenerational queer kinships, and embodied consent practices. Radically clear agreement making is hot – in sex, play, kink and community making, and in everyday relating.

I’m lucky enough to be receiving training and mentorship from Betty Martin creator of the Wheel of Consent®,

and am now part of the international training team with the School of Consent.

I live on Dharawal country, on the south coast of NSW.


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