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Image by Michael Breucker


A Succulent Self Pleasure Awakening

SATURDAY 13.04 | 1.30PM - 3.30 PM | THE LOVING ROOM



Take a deep dive into your body with me as we open up and activate your juicy, succulent self!

Through somatic exploration of both the physical and energetic homes of our sexuality, this delicious and powerful process invites you to drop deeply into the body and the intricate areas where not only our genitals, but our sexual chakras reside. We will use this workshop to call in and activate all the deep crevices of your sexuality, through movement, breath and self touch, to connect deeply with the very bones that hold our physical and energetic sexual centres, and cultivate deep flowing connections between. With this deep dive into this magical area of the physical and physiological, we allow the process to unlock and release any emotional or sexual tension and stress that has been stored or blocked within, to be freed from our body, and bring forth activation of the full, true JUICE of our sexuality within ourselves.

You will leave this workshop feeling limber in body and mind,

and alive and activated through all the layers of your sexual self!

nikkiema rai

Nikkiema Rai is a Somatic Sexologist, Sexological Bodyworker, speaker, and facilitator. She has studied, worked and coached in the sexuality industry for over 8 years now, and during that time, she has facilitated at some of the most pioneering sexuality schools in the world, hosted dozens of pleasure activation circles, kink and erotic workshops, women’s and mixed space circles, and self-pleasure workshops, as well as working directly with individuals and couples. Nikkiema is passionate about ritual, sexuality, relating, and all things somatic, and is best known for her transformational work supporting people to create rich lives and relationships full of depth and connection.

Nikkiema is fascinated by humans, bodies, brains, and how we all navigate this life. She is passionate about creating opportunities for people to connect deeply with themselves and others, and believes our sexuality is one of the most powerful tools we can learn to move with, heal, and integrate in this lifetime.

Nikkiema believes shame and stigma should be removed from sexuality individually and in society, and consent and pleasure should be the cornerstones of sexual connection..

It's because of this that she thrives on supporting and guiding people to connect with themselves, their sensuality, desire, and sexuality, so they can not only move forward from trauma but also expand into their pleasure, connection, fun and enjoyment in life, creating more intimacy in their relationships with themselves and everyone they relate with. Nikkiema holds a vision for a world that is driven by embodied, caring, self-responsible people, who love themselves, each other, and the world. And she’s excited to share all of this with you, and more.


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