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This is a sexy and dynamic workshop space to help you discover more about yourself, your desires, your kinks and your own pleasure. This workshop will go into the ways to explore a more sensual and embodied version of tantra and kink individually and together. This is a unique pairing that works incredibly well together.

This workshop will teach you:

❖To explore the realms of tantric kink and what this means

❖ How to explore kink in a more sensual and embodied way without the need to seek pain

(but will be taught how to do this if desired)

❖ How to drop in and expand your own body's pleasure

❖ More about your sexual likes and dislikes

❖ How to communicate your likes and dislikes in a sexy and fun manner

❖ Some activities you can take home for your own sexual practices and also some to share with lovers or partners

❖ Ways to spice up your sex life

❖ How to negotiate tantra and kink safely including communicating consent, boundaries and aftercare

❖ What aftercare is and how to provide it

❖ How to use a range of different kinky and non kinky tools and fun ways to implement them

❖ The power of breathing and somatics

❖ The warm up, the heated moments and the wind down

❖ Education and variation of different types of eroticism, sensuality, receiving and giving, kink styles etc.

❖ Journal prompt to take home and delve into

This will be a fun interactive workshop where I will be leading you through a range of different exercises and activities in a safe and consensual container while helping to answer and debunk any of the myths you may have previously held about tantra or kink.

Come and engage playfully with how it feels to explore your own pleasure, sensuality and kink all in one container.

Workshop requirements:

*A sarong or towel

*Any kink equipment you have that you want to learn to hold, use and generally cause mischief with

*A blindfold or scarf

*Scented oils or other aromatics

*A soft or nice feeling material eg silk, velvet

*A few items with texture eg pebbles, a hairbrush 


Empowering, insightful, and brimming with a decade of expertise! Esther Ogilvie stands at the forefront of a transformative movement. As a Trauma, Sexuality, and Somatic Embodiment Therapist, she has dedicated herself to unraveling the intricacies of human experience, leading individuals and couples on a journey toward healing and empowerment.

With an expansive career spanning almost a decade in the mental health realm, Esther has emerged as a beacon of wisdom in diverse fields. Her mastery in sex education, sexual embodiment, and trauma recovery is only rivaled by her deep understanding of complex issues like family violence, sex trafficking, and human trafficking. Esther's commitment to intersectionality has taken her across the globe, where she's lent her expertise to communities worldwide.

Beyond her global impact, Esther is the driving force behind her own thriving therapy business. Through workshops, she offers a safe and inclusive space that's sex worker and queer-friendly, an embodiment of her commitment to inclusion and understanding. Drawing from her wealth of knowledge, Esther delves deeply into relationships, intimacy, tantra, and kink, skillfully guiding individuals toward profound connections with themselves and others through exploring the realms of conscious connection.

She currently works intensely in the kink, bdsm and tantra world running workshops for sex worker organisations, retreats and events all around Australia to bring a more conscious, accessible and connected element to kink. Her passion lies in helping individuals express their true wants, needs and desires and allow their full sexual expression to come through.

Esther Ogilvie is more than a therapist; she's a catalyst for change, an advocate for self-discovery, and a guide through the labyrinth of human experience. With her, conscious kink becomes more than a concept—it becomes an embodied reality.


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